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Clearkin Chemical Division products are well accepted throughout the world
and have been protecting ballast tanks, void tanks, and cofferdams from
saltwater corrosion for over fifty years.  
White Corrosion Master should be your
first choice for economical corrosion protection.

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Marine Barrier Coatings
White Corrosion Master is a spray applied WHITE wool-grease based coating combined with specially processed oils,
anti-corrosion agents and a mixture of viscosity building agents, developed in our laboratory to give excellent protection to steel
surfaces in salt water environments.

White Corrosion Master is recommended for use in segregated salt water ballast tanks, voids, cofferdams, under hatch covers,
on deck steam lines and many other areas where protection from salt water environment is required.

White Corrosion Master requires little or no surface preparation and can be applied over rusty surfaces. All that is required is to
remove built-up scale. The surface may be wet or dry and there is no cure time needed before tanks are put into service.

White Corrosion Master is easily applied by airless spray or brush. Applied to a thickness of twenty (20) to twenty-five (25) mils.

White Corrosion Master gives excellent protection from salt water.

White Corrosion Master is non-toxic and contains no solvents. It also has a very high flash point, 375 °F (190°C), which makes
it on of the safest products on the market for the marine and Offshore Oil industries.

White Corrosion Master will withstand temperatures up to 235 °F (113 °C), and is recommended in tanks where there is
heated cargo next to the ballast tanks.
Specific Properties

Color: White.
Solids by Volume: 100&%.
Flash Point: 375 °F (190 °C).
Cure Time: None Required.
Practical Coverage: 70 square feet per gallon at 20 mils.
Pot Life: Indefinite.
Shelf Life: Indefinite.
Packaging: 55 gall drums
Application Instructions

Surface Preparation:
Area may be wet or dry. Remove all built-up scale from
steel. Muck out tanks completely.

Application Temperature:
40°F minimum.

Equipment Required:
(Spray) - 30 to 1 or larger airless pump, 3/8" to 1/2"
material line, pole gun or hand gun with 0.036" to 0.046"
tip. (Brush) - Use a large short bristle brush.

Film Thickness Recommended:
20 to 25 mils. White Corrosion Master is 100% solids,
therefore no shrinkage will occur.

Theoretical Coverage at 20 mils:
80 square feet per gallon.

Practical Coverage at 20 mils:
70 square feet per gallon.

Best results are obtained by spraying. Hold gun 12" to
18" away from surface, using even strokes and a 50%
overlap. When using a brush, lay material on with even
strokes using caution not to spread the material too thin.

It is recommended that White Corrosion Master be used
without thinning. If thinning is absolutely necessary, use
up to 5% WCM Reducer only. DO NOT USE ANY

Tools and equipment may be cleaned with mineral
spirits of Stoddard Solvents.
CCD-1 White Corrosion Master
Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet